Employee Spotlight: Emily


Emily with Buckley and his new bed from Chew on This!!



Each month we will do a spotlight on our fabulous employees, so you can get to know all the faces you see. Enjoy!!


Name: Emily Beshansky

Position: Manager

College: Northern Illinois University, B.S. in Psychology


Buckley and Gabbie

Pets: Gabbie, a 9 year old Lhasa Apso/Poodle Mix and Buckley a 2 year old boxer/pitbull mix.



Food Fed: “I currently feed Zignature. I have tried many other foods in the store but with Gabbie’s allergies, this seems to work the best and keep her from scratching. Within Zignature I switch through all the flavors monthly. I supplement with raw and canned throughout the week. With that I am currently feeding Weruva cans and Northwest Naturals raw.”

Favorite Non-Food Product in the Store: “That would have to be Ultra Oil. I began using this product about a year ago and have not stopped since. I immediately saw improvement in my dogs’ skin and coat.”

What is on your wish list for you and the store for the next five years? “I hope to continue to expand my knowledge of the products and how to address more health issues to be able to help even more customers. I want to host and be involved in more events within the community such as ice cream socials and yappy hours.”

Fun Fact: “I got my first dog as an 8th grade graduation present.”

Dream Vacation: “Going to Disney”

If you were an animal what would you be?: “I would be a pitbull – eager to please, strong, determined, loving and family oriented.”



What did you want to be growing up?: “I always thought I would be a veterinarian. I eventually realized that I would not be able to perform the medical procedures on animals and that is when I became increasingly interested in finding a way to help animals without having to perform those procedures.”

What would you be doing if you weren’t working for Chew on This?: “I would probably have gone to graduate school to be a clinical counselor.”

What is on your bucket list?: “Travel to Paris”

What three traits define you?: “People pleaser, family oriented and hard worker”

Where is your favorite place to be?: “My favorite place to be is in Downtown Frankfort. I love being there for all the events that go on in town (movies, concerts on the green, girls night out, art shows, the market, etc.). My family and I spend a lot of spend a lot of time participating in these events and bringing the dogs out to walk the trails and eat at the dog friendly restaurants.”

What would you tell 13 year old you?: “Don’t worry about the little things in life. Everything happens for a reason and when you are 23 your life falls completely into place. It’s not always an easy ride but it’s worth every second of it.”


Emily with her boyfriend, Chris and Buckley at Buckley’s AKC Good Citizen Graduation.


Thanks for reading!! Let Emily know you read all about her next time you see her working hard at the store. Check out our blog at the end of August to learn about our assistant manager, Jessica.

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