Goat’s Milk for Pets


Did you know that goat’s milk, not cow’s milk, is the most consumed milk in the world? Goat’s milk is consumed by both people and animals world wide. The composition of milk varies from species to species – so cow’s milk is different from goat’s milk is different from cat’s milk is different from dog’s milk. This is because each species differ in their physiology and dietary needs. The composition of goat’s milk is what makes it a great supplement for our pets.

Goat’s milk can be better tolerated than cow’s milk because of the difference in composition. First, goat’s milk can be digested quicker and with less effort because of it’s smaller fat globules, looser curd formation and higher concentration of small and medium chain fatty acids. Cow’s milk also has three proteins that are common allergens that goat’s milk contains little or none of.

According to the Journal of American Medicine, “Goat milk is the most complete food known.”

Goat’s milk contains a vast amount of vitamins, minerals and probiotics. In fact, some people find they can eliminate probiotics all together if they use goat’s milk. The probiotics in goat’s milk are less likely to be destroyed in the digestive tract compared to probiotics in pill or powder form. In addition to the vitamins, minerals, probiotics, protein and fatty acid, it also contains trace elements, electrolytes and enzymes.

It is important to keep the source of the goat’s milk in consideration. The quality of the goat’s milk will depend on the health of the goat it came from. Grass-fed, pasture raised and less stressed goat’s that are kept away from GMO’s will produce a higher quality and more nutritionally dense milk than the others.

Also, the less processed the milk, the better! Which is why Chew on This offers RAW goat’s milk. If you are interested in providing your pet with this powerhouse treat, talk to a Chew on This associate for more information and recommendations!!


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