New Year Resolutions for Pet Parents


It seems like almost a tradition to set resolutions as each new year rolls in. I am a believer in change at any time — a new year isn’t needed! That being said, a new year is just as good of time as any to set goals and resolutions to make you — and your pup — happier!! (But hey if you don’t get to reading this until June for some reason, you can start then to0!) Here are ten resolutions all pup parents should aim for (and how they might tie into your own personal resolutions).

1. Walk your dog more

Young girl with golden retriever walking away

(Okay sorry cat owners you might have been short changed one resolution. Though some cats can be trained to walk on a leash! See Resolution #3). This one kind of goes hand in hand with everyone’s goal to get more exercise and become a healthier person, right? Walking your dog more means more exercise for you and more exercise for your dog. As long as you’re walking your dog outside this will also bring you and your pup more sunshine and vitamin D which can be a huge happiness booster. Sounds like a win-win-win to me!!

2. Play with your pet more.


Your day consists of A LOT of things — working, cooking, showering, pets, kids, family, etc. etc. While your pets’ day consists 100% of you!! Wake up with master, wait for master to let me out, wait for master to let me in, wait for master to feed me, say goodbye to master while they leave for work, wait for master to get home… If you gave your pet ten more minutes of your day you would see shining, positive mood improvements!! Playing will keep your pet young (& keep you young, too!! Is there something on your personal resolutions list to help you stay young? If not, here it is!)

3. Train them to master that one trick (or skill)


This training session could be something as big as “I’m tired of my dog jumping on people!” or “I’m tired of my cat jumping on the table at dinner” (or fill in the blank to fit your pet) or something as simple as “I’ve always wanted to teach my dog to play dead!” (or roll over or bring me his leash, or CAT PEOPLE.. walking my cat on a leash). Either way, teaching your pet to master that trick or skill you’ve been wanting them to could bring a great deal of satisfaction and confidence to you and therefore your pet. Your dog loves to please YOU. Even more than satisfaction, if you teach them to master that skill that has been bringing you frustration you will have stripped your life of a big irritation making your load lighter and the bond with your pet deeper. (Have a personal resolution to have less stress in your life? BAM! Here you go!)

3. Spend more time with your pet

A common theme of the first three resolutions is spending time with your pet. EVEN IF you can’t find the time to walk your pet more, play with your pet more or master that last skill through training sessions; you can ALWAYS make more time for your pet by simply cuddling with them more, petting them more and just showing them more loving! If you are looking to replace your phone or internet time with something meaningful and fulfilling, this is the perfect resolution to make to better you AND your pets’ life happier and more fulfilling.

4. Feed top quality food to your pet. 


A lot of people have personal resolutions to eat better. If you ask people why they want to eat better what do you think some answers may be? To be healthier? To live longer? To have more energy? To THRIVE? Well guess what.. what a healthy diet does for you it does for your pet too!! Research some different diets available for your pet and find what works for your family. Then, find the top quality food within the diet and feed it to them! (Need help finding the top quality? Chat with a Chew on This associate! Or check out this non-biased website which gives dog food a rating of 1 to 5 stars based on the quality:

We at Chew on This Dog Barkery suggest rotating through different diets and proteins. Keeping variety in your pets diet is as important as it is to keep variety in yours. Not only does it keep things interesting and palatable but it makes it easy to keep your pets’ diet very balanced.

Even if you are currently feeding the best you know, there can still be ways to improve it. There are great benefits to adding HEALTHY human foods to your pets’ diet. If you’d like more information on that we posted a link on our facebook or you can always chat with a Chew on This associate.

Another GREAT idea to improve your pets’ diet is to give only FILTERED water to your pet. I buy several gallons of distilled, purified drinking water at a time to give to my animal family members.

If you are at a roadblock of ways to improve your pets diet you can always come into Chew on This and we will help you the best we can! You and your pet can work together this year to eat and live healthier!!

6. Keep up with yearly physicals & preventative measures


Prevention is always easier (& usually cheaper) than treatment. Therefore it is important for your furry family members to see their vet yearly for their physical and not just when they’re sick. The vet will let you know important information like if your pet seems to be underweight or overweight, if all their vitals are normal or if your pet is showing signs you should be concerned about. They will also give you different pointers based on your pets’ assessment. If they think their teeth are going bad, they will give you ways to help improve them. If your pet is losing their vision or hearing they can give you advice on how to deal with that and make it easier on both you and your pet. They might let you know that your pet needs chiropractic work and to find a great vet chiropractor to help them routinely (Ahem, Dr. Woodside at the Woof Suite at Chew on This!) before the problem becomes worse. Also don’t forget to get your pets’ a titer test to see if any vaccines are necessary for that year.

7. Give back to animals in need.


Looking to give back in 2016? An animal shelter is a great place to consider!! It could be as simple as dropping in some extra change at the donation bin at the Chew on This front counter as you check out or as drastic as bringing in your first foster animal. So much help is needed in shelters all across Illinois (let alone the country and the world). Research some shelters that are close to you and reach out and ask how you can help. Pet owners really understand how much animals love and need humans and giving, volunteering, fostering or adopting is a great way to let animals other than your pets know that you care.

8. Groom your pet!!


Who doesn’t love a day at the spa?! Everyone deserves to self indulge and if that’s part of your resolution remember your pet would love it too! You can bring them in or do it yourself! Sometimes they might act like they don’t like it while it’s happening but who doesn’t like to feel clean and pampered at the end of the day? Plus, groomers include (or if it’s not included, you can add on) services vital for your pets health like teeth or ear cleaning, nail trimming and anal gland expression. Sometimes if a pet goes too long without being groomed, things like matted hair or long toenails can be very painful for your pet. With all that and your pets newly improved diet and master interaction time, they will feel great from the inside out!!

9. Keep yourself educated


Anyone have a resolution to go back to school? Don’t forget to keep up on the most recent information for your pets too!! Doing so will keep you up to date on what is best for your pet. Their are many ways to do this, one way is to follow this Chew on This blog!! Within the next year we will talk about lots of important information like grain free diets, other kinds of diets, titer tests, raw bones, coconut oil and more!! We also recommend following Dr. Becker’s blog for a more in depth look on holistic pet health!

10. Next New Year’s Eve… vow to kiss your pet at midnight!!


Your dog loves kisses just as much (if not MORE) than you or your significant other does!! We aren’t saying DON’T kiss your human loved ones but don’t forgot your pets!! It’ll let them know you have every intention of keeping this next year just as fun, healthy and loving as the last.

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