Summer Fun Begins with Summer Safety!!


As of Sunday, summer is finally upon us!! Hopefully the weather will start cooperating soon so we can all have the fun summer we dream of. And of course, what is summer fun without your pooches? Your pups make your summer better than you ever imagined. Just as there is summer safety for humans there is summer safety for your dogs. Here are some awesome products to keep your pets safe this summer!!

Seven Summer Safety Products:

  1. The Green Pet Shop – Pet Cooling Pad: These sturdy, long lasting pads are designed to prevent over-heating & heat stroke with no need for water, refrigeration, electricity or batteries!! The pads automatically cool once weight is applied to them. So as soon as your pets lay down the cooling effect will begin. They stay cool for 3-4 hours and will “recharge” themselves after a period of no use. It easily folds up and easily wipes clean so it’s easy to bring anywhere!! They come in a variety of sizes so all types of pet friends can use them!!new-pad-large
  2. Mad About Organics – Organic Flea & Tick Topical Treatment: Mad About Organics is a family owned company based in Eugene, Oregon so all their products are made in the USA and USDA certified organic!! This company has done years of scientific research to develop this organic, non-toxic, essential oil based treatment. Most products on the market are aimed at killing the fleas and ticks once they are already on your dog and have already bitten them – this formula is designed to prevent bugs from going on the dog to begin with. Of course it makes more sense to avoid contact all together!! dftt
  3. Canine Friendly – Lifejacket: Even the best dog swimmers can get tired easily!! This is especially true if you bring them to the lake and the currents are heavy. Having a life jacket that is designed for dogs is a great aid in helping them swim in case they get too tired to get back to shore. There is even extra foam under the chin so their head is always above water. It also has reflective strip to help see your pup in low light and a handle on top to help your dog in and out of the water (amazing for boats!) Of course this is no replacement for your watchful eyes. Always be by your dog while they’re in the water!! 38760_139553592743410_1057128_n
  4. Thundershirt: This product works in a way that is similar to swaddling an unhappy baby. Gentle, constant pressure on the body has been known to have a calming effect on the nervous system. This shirt uses acupressure points on your dog to help with anxiety, fear, or overexcitement. This product comes in great use around the Fourth of July when fireworks are common and through-out the spring & summer thunderstorms. Put it on BEFORE the fireworks or thunder begin to help calm them and prevent them from running away in fear. They come in sizes XXS – XXL and have one just for cats too!ThundershirtA
  5. Animal Apawthecary – Tranquility Blend: A world renowned herbalist helped start this holistic pet care company. Tranquility Blend is a great to use in conjunction with the thundershirt!! It’s a sweet tasting, alcohol free tincture to promote a calm and restful state during fireworks, thunderstorms or other stressful events. For best results they recommend dropping it directly into the dog’s mouth. If that isn’t possible, they recommend putting into the dog’s water bowl.610itRGb8tL._SY355_
  6. Travel Bowls: We carry a variety of foldable, easy-to-carry water bowls (some even clip right on the leash). In the summer it is especially useful to bring one with you wherever you bring your dog to prevent dehydration. Dogs don’t sweat like humans do so it is hard for them to cool down. That’s why it’s important to make sure your dog has enough water to help them stay cool!!travelbowl.1
  7. ID Tag: Last but not least; this is a last-resort aid. If even after taking all other safety precautions your dog happens to run away or get out, an ID tag is an easy way to bring them back home. If someone finds your dog they can look instantly on their collar for your information – unlike micro chipping in which they would have to bring your dog in to scan for your information. It is a quick way to ensure pups find their owners!!stuff-6

All of these products and more are offered and sold at Chew on This Dog Barkery!! If you would like more information on any of these products, companies or other safety products come in and see your friendly Chew on This associate!! Stay safe and have fun this summer!!summer-dog

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