A Look at Licking

Dog Licking ChildSome like to call them dog kisses but not everyone appreciates these slobbery forms of affection. However, dogs aren’t trying to gross you out. They are, in fact, trying to communicate their understanding of how the ‘pack’ runs at home.

In the wild, dogs lick those who have a higher social standing. It is their way of saying, “You’re the boss. I am not a threat. Please accept me and help me.” They want you to take care of them.

Even though it is a positive thing your pup is doing, you still may not want him to give you and guests to your home a tongue bath every time they come over. Since it is a pretty strong instinct it will be hard to eliminate the behavior but you can simply communicate you don’t like their licking by standing or walking away as soon as they do it. Of course, continue to show them other signs of affection (like petting) so they know you are indeed going to take care of them.

Here’s a list of breeds that tend to lick faces more than others:

Golden Retriever – Labrador Retriever – Rat Terrier

Shetland Sheepdog – Toy Poodle – Yorkshire Terrier

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