Summer Safety

Summer SurfSummer is here and our pups are literally panting to go more and do more.

Here are 5 summer safety tips to remember to insure you and your dog enjoy a safe and healthy season:

Watch the Heat – Heatstroke is one of the most common and deadly seasonal threats to your pet. When we get hot, our body responds with an increased temperature and sweating. However, pets can’t sweat, per se. They perspire and eliminate heat through panting. Unfortunately, this is not a very efficient process and a pup can get into trouble very quickly if not supervised, kept cool and well hydrated. Dogs at greater risk are those with “smooshed-in” faces and those with heavy, thick coats. A great aide for keeping dogs cool is a cooling mat. Gel-filled, there is no water/ice to worry about and it is pressure activated. Great for beds, in cars, and on the deck.

Dogs DO Sunburn – Pets with thin coats and light skin ARE susceptible to sunburn. Of special concern are the tips of their ears and where their muzzle meets their nose. There are pet-specific suncreens for dogs so use them if your pooch is going to be outside for long periods of time.

Keep it Down – The noise that is. Summer is known for raucous outdoor play, thunderstorms and fireworks. Many dogs are sensitive to the increase in noise and the shocking, unexpected nature of firecrackers. Calming vests like Thunder Shirts and even herbal sprays and drops can REALLY help your dog through this time.

Love the Leash – We see this a lot at the store: we love for pets to visit but some owners don’t want to leash their dogs Pet Cooling Padclaiming they are ‘so good’. We don’t mean to offend but ALL dogs in our store must be leashed. The truth is we are not worried about YOUR good pup, we are worried about another pup who may not be, leashed or not. Leashes also allow you to keep your dog out of flower beds (and bees) and other potentially dangerous places.

Picnic Precautions – BBQs are a summer staple in our town. There is ALWAYS something happening around town and all of these fun events have a bit of ‘leave behind’. Some of these bits of trash are a gold mine to your pup but could also be lethal. Watch your pets closely, keeping them from bones, fruit pits, corn cobs, alcohol and even fatty scraps.

Wanna add to our list? There are lots of things to say about Summer Safety… give us a shout out!

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