10 Foods to Share

Spaghetti Squash(source: Modern Dog Magazine)

As pet owners, we love sharing with our furry family members. Time, space, food… you name it.

Here are a few food items you can share with your little imps that will not only tickle their tummies but give them good nutrients, too.


Cooked herring is a great source of essential fatty acids. Your dog (and cat’s) skin and coat will love you for this treat!


Plain noodles are a fun treat. You can even give them straight from the freezer. Watch flour type and content for those allergy sufferers.


Good for tummy troubles. A little extract can be put in treats for little zip.


Keep the sodium low and, if you can, make it at home. Freeze in a Kong or soak an antler in it. Ya-um.


May have anti-cancer and anti-bacteria properties. We have lots of treats with cinnamon in them.


Cooked or raw, wonderful for eyesight.


Juice or the flesh, this beautiful fruit is packed with anti-oxidants.


Calcium and protein abounds and we have yet to find a dog who doesn’t like a bit o’cheese.


Add the tuna water to food and even use when you bake treats.


No, not usually on YOUR table but this is a good treat for then when all you see outside is snow.

Wanna share some other great options? Do so here…

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