Toys vs. Chews

People come into Chew on This all the time begging for something — ANYTHING — that will withstand the chewnatiousness of their pet. The trick though is deciding if what your pet needs is a toy or a ‘chew’.

For our purposes here, a toy is an object that inspires play, education, and activity to reduce boredom. However, for the voracious chewer, a toy left unattended is not a good option. For the chewer, mom and dad need to look at a toy as an INTERACTIVE object — one that is used for play WITH his owner, not left alone to chew on at will.

It may just be that your dog is not a good candidate for toys as hardy as the toy may be. There are ones out there that are really durable, but no toy is completely indestructible. In this case, an owner needs to find other ways to keep their pet occupied and stimulated or train them how not to chew up a toy. The latter can only be achieved by interacting with a dog so they see the toy as a plaything and not as a snack.

That is not to say that a chew is a solitary option either. Dogs need to be supervised with chews as well, making sure a bully stick, rawhide, or bone is taken away when it gets small enough to fit entirely in their mouth. In addition, a dog should be weened onto raw bones (i.e., give for 5-10 minutes, taken away, for the first few times, gradually increasing time). Remember: frozen raw bones are raw food and all dogs need an acclimation period with raw foods.

So for those of you who are ready to have some fun WITH your pet, here are some hardy options for both toys and chews:

TOYS: West Paw, 5-tooth rated Planet Dog, AussieNaturals, Hugglehounds, Tuffy, MightyDog

CHEWS: Deer antlers, Bare Bones, Braided Bully Sticks, Himalayan Chews, American-made rawhides

Got a favorite toy or chew? Share it here!

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