The Grass is not Always Greener

People ask us all the time how long we have been in business. (Six years plus.)

It’s true, we have a pretty good time here at the store. We have dogs in all the time and are pretty proud to sell really great products. Our customers are great and new ones join our family everyday.

Funny thing is that ‘fun’ often looks ‘easy and carefree’. The reality is running any business is hard work. There are long nights, floating doubts, and bad sales days. Anyone going into retail, especially now, has to be insane.

Except the other day, we had a customer come in with their German Shepherd. We did not recognize him — the pup, that is — because now he had fur. And I mean, ALL of his fur.

See, when we first met ‘Riley’, he had bald patches, was underweight, and his eyes were foggy. His owner rescued him and came in to get some food suggestions. We did our usual: consulted with him, gave him some samples, encouraged him to hang tough, and gave him our card for future reference. I don’t even think he bought any food that day. He came back days later to do that.

Now, six or so weeks later, he was a new dog. Lively and bright. His fur was glossy, eyes shiny, and gaining weight. His owner was so excited to show him off!

You see, it is moments like this that the late nights and roving doubts, rove away. We remember why we do what we do. We remember that perhaps we are not in the business of World Peace, but we are changing people’s homes and hearts through their pets. We educate, encourage, and sometimes we comfort those in grief.

We really have a cool job. And even when things are good… sometimes the grass outside our shop still isn’t so green, but that is more of a four-legged visitor issue than a bad job kinda thing!

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